Maintenance Mechanic Leader

This position is located within the Facilities Management Service (FMS) at the Wilkes-Barre VA Medical Center.
The primary purpose of the position is to independently lead a small work crew of multi-trade FMS staff responsible for the maintenance and operation of medical center utility systems, infrastructure, equipment, furniture, finishes, etc.
This position entails making a valuable contribution to the mission and goals of the Wilkes-Barre DVA Medical Center.
The Maintenance Mechanic Leader performs a variety of tasks involved in the upkeep of buildings, grounds and related structures, fixtures, and utilities.
The duties are performed in at least two trades and at the highest journey level in one of the following:
electrical, air conditioning, welding, machinist, and pipe fitting.
In addition to performing the above specified duties, the employee is responsible for leading the work of three or more WG-4749-10 Maintenance Mechanics.
Electrical - Ability to install and operate electrical fixtures, wiring, and controls and read and follow wiring diagrams.
Skill in removing and replacing electrical fixtures and controls; making repairs; rearranging old or installing new outlets, relays, switches, and light fixtures; testing circuits; measuring, cutting, and bending wire and conduit to specified lengths and angles.
Knowledge of mechanical theory and pneumatic and hydraulic principles to repair electro-mechanical devices.
Air conditioning - Knowledge of the principles and theories of the refrigeration cycle, temperature measurement, and refrigerant properties.
Skill in constructing, operating, and servicing a variety of domestic air conditioning units and systems, power sources, and cooling units.
Heating Equipment - Knowledge of standard methods of combustion, heat transfer principles, and fuel characteristics to install, repair, and maintain heating boilers and domestic heating units and systems.
Knowledge of heating surfaces, combustion chambers, and the various heat circulating methods.
Knowledge of pneumatics, electricity, and basic electronics; familiarity with the construction and operating characteristics of heating systems; skill in determining the condition of system parts and components to make repairs or replacements; skill in installing, aligning, burning mechanisms; skill to perform routine maintenance.
Welding - Knowledge of welding standards and how various metals and alloys react to different welding processes and techniques; skill to make welds that require complete penetration and fusion of base and filler metals; knowledge of several related trade procedures.
Machinist - Skill to perform the full range of operations on most types of conventional machine tools and their various attachments; knowledge of numerous metals and other materials, and proper tools to produce the desired cuts and surfaces on each material; skill in use of many types of precision measuring instruments and equipment.
Plumbing - Knowledge of the installation and operation of various supply, disposal, and utility systems and equipment, such as water and gas systems, fire sprinkler equipment, and water closets.
Pipefitting - Knowledge of how various high-pressure piping systems and equipment are installed and operate; ability to plan and lay out the installation, modification, and repair of various new and existing piping systems and equipment.
Carpentry - Knowledge of wood, wood substitutes, and construction techniques; skill in the operation of general and precision carpentry and woodworking equipment to produce the requested finished product; ability to interpret complex instructions, sketches, blueprints, and building codes.
Painter - Skill in accepted surface preparation and coating methods and techniques; skill in matching, tinting, toning, and blending coating materials and agents.
Ability to read and apply directions to the mixture, use and apply various materials, solvents, and pre-coating agents.
General Maintenance - The incumbent will have the knowledge and skills to lead his work crew with various misc duties.
Work Schedule:
Monday - Friday; Evening shift 3pm to 11:
30pm Position Description Title/PD#:
Maintenance Mechanic Leader PD#4329-0

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