The duties as journeyman electrician include installation, modification, repairs and troubleshooting of electrical lines, circuits, complete systems, fixtures, controls and equipment.
The incumbent must work from building plans, blueprints, wiring diagrams, engineering drawings and electrical maintenance and repair manuals.
The incumbent will layout and plan the routing and placement, determine the type, size, gauge or wiring, and balance loads.
The incumbent will make continuity tests, insure proper and safe operation of all electrical lines, circuits, systems equipment and controls.
The incumbent maintains, repairs, and tests the main panel board, emergency generators, technical equipment, electrically operated dietetic, laundry, and other operating equipment, selector switches, pillow speakers, radios, and television sets.
The incumbent also installs fixtures, transformers, other electrical devices and equipment along with properly sized conduit and wiring.
The incumbent repairs intercommunication systems, fire alarm systems, and performs preventive maintenance inspections.
The incumbent is required to layout and install phone and data outlets, including the installation of Cat 5/6 cabling to the appropriate tele/data closet.
The incumbent also performs other related duties.
The incumbent will be required to inspect work performed by contractors to insure acceptability of work and compliance with codes.
The incumbent will act as escort to cell phone vendors needing access to roof mounted communication equipment.
The incumbent also performs and/or assists with general maintenance duties at the direction of the Maintenance and Operations Supervisor when determined appropriate based on workloads and/or priorities.
The incumbent must have knowledge of the construction, operation and installation of a number of electrical systems.
Operates and tests circuit breakers, switches, disconnects, etc.
, to assure of the safe and reliable supply of electrical power.
Responds effectively to power disruptions by energizing redundant power supplies and ensures the safe transfer of power back to the normal supply.
The incumbent must possess the technical skills to safely troubleshoot electrical power supply problems, and coordinates appropriate response with all medical center operations.
Work Schedule:
Day shift - 8:
00 am to 4:
30 pm including weekends.
Position Description Title/PD#:
Electrician WG-2805-10 PD#1811A

Don't Be Fooled

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